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Appealing for a School

This page outlines the process for appealing for a school place in England

If you are unsuccessful

It can be very upsetting for you and your child if you do not get the school place you want, however, there are a number of things you can do:

  • Keep calm and seek some help - contact our advice line to discuss your own situation with our expert advisers. You may also be able to contact the Choice Adviser in your local authority for help.
  • Ask to go on the waiting list for the schools you want - any vacancies that arise will be filled from the waiting list. Don't be put off if the list is long, there can be quite a lot of movement over the coming months. Remember your child can move up and down the list.
  • Look at alternative schools not on your original list and make applications to these schools. Other schools may have vacancies, if not, you can appeal.
  • Appeal for your preferred school.

If you appeal you will be able to put your case to an independent panel. The panel will consider the school's case that it cannot take any more children weighed against your case that your child really needs that particular school.

Download the ACE Appealing for a School booklet which will explain how to put your appeal case together and what to expect at the appeal hearing.

If your child has a statement of special educational needs this appeals procedure does not apply.