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Understanding Annual Reviews

This page provides information on the annual review process of statements of special educational needs

An annual review is a check on whether the statement is still right for the child. It takes place at least every 12 months but for children under five, the LEA may review it at least every six months. A transition review looks ahead to post 16 choices for pupils in Year 9.

Interim reviews are held outside the normal 12 month period and are called for various reasons e.g.:

  • your child is at serious risk of disaffection or exclusion
  • the LEA has to meet the February 15 deadline for naming a new middle or secondary school
  • your child’s needs have changed suddenly.

Review timetable

At least two weeks before a school term, the LEA informs the headteacher in writing about which pupils’ statements must be reviewed that term.

The Head asks for advice from parents and professionals and invites them to a meeting.

The Head sends copies of the advice to parents and any professionals attending the review meeting at least two weeks beforehand.

The Head asks for written comments on the advice.

The meeting takes place.

The Head reports to the LEA within two months of receiving their letter.

The LEA decides whether to take any action. They must inform parents within one week of deciding to make any changes.

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