Education Step-by-Step Training Package

Do you give advice to parents on education issues?

Do you need help keeping up-to-date with changes to the law and guidance?

ACE's Education Step by Step Package could help you.

By registering as an ACE Education Step-by-Step user you will receive:

  • A comprehensive manual covering key areas of education law and guidance
  • A full day's training on key topics and how to use the manual effectively
  • Free manual updates for the year you register

Written in a straightforward accessible style and now used by more than 400 advisers in organisations across England the Manual provides step-by-step, legally correct advice on the main areas of education in which problems can often arise, including:

  • Applying for a school place
  • Appealing for a school place
  • Getting extra help at school
  • Special educational needs, including Statutory EHC needs assessment, the process of requesting an EHC Plan and Reviews of EHC Plans 
  • Exclusion from school
  • Bullying
  • Complaints and action when things go wrong

The Step-by-Step manual also provides an overview of the education system, explanations of jargon, legal references and suggestions for further reading.

Examples of organisations that use the Step-by-Step package are:

  • Local Education Authorities
  • Large and small charities that give advice on education issues
  • Foster Care and Adoption agencies
  • Law Centres
  • Solicitors

Comments from users:

  • “The Step-by-Step training has had a dramatic effect on my confidence in giving education advice”
  • “Invaluable”

An Assistant Director of Education says:

  • “The manual and advice network is a very high quality and innovative piece of work which has national significance.”

User Options:

The programme is available in a range of ways to suit users’ needs. Prices below are given as a guide:

  • Complete package for one person: manual and training - £795
  • Annual subscription fee for manual updates - £65

To discuss options, please contact us on 020 8888 3377 or

Register as a Step by Step Licensed Trainer

The Licensed Trainer Scheme (Train the Trainer) makes Education Step-by-Step available to many advisers at a low cost.

Licensed trainers are professionals who already offer training in Education advice.

ACE provides:

  • Two days of one-to-one training on the Education Step-by-Step manual and how to train others to use them to give advice
  • One day of observation and evaluation of the licensed trainer in action
  • A Manual for the Licensed Trainer
  • Manuals for the advisers trained by the Licensed Trainer.

The licence is renewable annually.

The trainer and those that they train will all be Registered Users.

All training will be evaluated.

Licensed Trainer Options:

  • 5-user licensed trainer package  - £2,496
  • 10-user licensed trainer package- £3,746

Prices include manual updates for all registered users in the year of registration.

Travel expenses for the ACE Trainer, where necessary, will be added to the costs.

Updates for subsequent years will be in the order of £65 per registered user.

Licensed trainers also have the option of purchasing a photocopy license that will cover all registered user updates for subsequent years for £250 per annum.

To discuss options, please contact us on 020 8888 3377, or email


“The Step-by-Step training has had a dramatic effect on my confidence in giving education advice”.

“Very professionally presented in an informative, interesting and humorous way”.